What we'll cover in this course:

  • Key Definitions, so you know what everything means and can speak the right language with clients and digital marketers.

  • Locations of analytics, removing guess work and equipping you to know exactly where to go to find what you need

  • Data Analysis Techniques, equipping you to ask the best questions and provide the smartest analysis.

  • Use cases, tying together the technical knowledge you gained with real business scenarios

  • Which metrics we use to solve common problems, and

  • Communication strategies, so you don't bore or confuse your audience when using data to solve problems.



Tim Campbell-Smith

Tim Campbell-Smith is so extroverted he puts the social back in social media. Tim’s love language is local restaurants, and Time Magazine describes him as “someone we’ve literally never heard of.” Having a passionate love affair with Pinterest, Tim’s dogs, Monster and Mini describe him as “the world’s greatest social media consultant” and says “he knows a lot about YouTube, and gives us treats.” Tim also felt obligated to share he’s consulted for hundreds of businesses worldwide and completed training with honours in both Adult Education and Digital Marketing Management. He teaches business and marketing at York University and Conestoga College, and his newest book, Lousy and Conflicting Advice: A Humorous Reflection on a Career in Social Media Marketing is out now.

How to Get the Certification

Two steps:

  • Complete All Coursework

    Wacth 100% of the content. We also highly recommend you do the practice cases, as they form the basis for the final exam.

  • Pass the Final Exam

    A final exam consisting of 70 questions. Emphasis will be placed on which metrics are used to communicate problems and solutions, use case scenarios and data analysis techniques. An 80% is required to pass.

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